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Get back together

Forget Harry Potter. Mesut Özil is a real wizard.

There’s nothing wrong with sanctuary cities. They should have given sanctuary to Cecil the Lion though.

At the moment, Adele is the greatest pop singer not named Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

Gaga no longer qualifies as a pop artist. She’s now reached diva status.

The best thing about the film “Back to the Future” was the thumping volume of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love.”

Canada reached peak cool during the reign of Margaret Trudeau.

Xi Jinping is the first pirate to meet a British monarch since Walter Raleigh. Arrr!

Là où je suis née

Japan has had Russian self-esteem in an arm bar since 1905.

Twitter is primarily a platform for the professional outragetariat. Unless, the execs can figure out a way to monetize daily outrage (ala Fox News), the enterprise is doomed from a financial standpoint.

Stephen Harper has become the face of the “ugly Canadian,” surpassing even Justin Bieber.

Big hair, big talk, and big guns. The Panthers were quintessentially American.

Mood for a day

American conservatives are fond of loyalty oaths. This may backfire on the GOP. The loyal oath guarantees Mr Trump the nomination.

When Mr Trump says everyone else is stupid, he should be prepared to demonstrate his intellectual superiority. He made the nest. Now he has to avoid fouling it.

Re Scott Walker’s Canadian border fence: All Canada has to do is ban export of maple syrup and America will be brought to its knees.

I have a feeling Colbert will flop without his alter ego. So far, so good though.

Send in the drones

Amazon Air is testing drone delivery system in a secret location in Canada. I can’t believe Canada allowed this to happen.

Drones Without Borders.

The POTUS will visit Kenya. The POTUS likes to tug the strings attached to Republican puppets.

If one follows the (il)logic of Birthers Inc., one can only conclude that Mr Obama was born from the head of his father. In Kenya.

It seems to me that the defense of religious liberty is trivialized when it is applied to catering weddings or taking wedding photos.

Love is surrender

Love is for squares, man.

Emo is so 1990s.

The blues tradition exhibits violence towards women. See Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” or the Stones “Under My Thumb.”

Canada and the USA share a common bond of Tim Hortons.

Canada has our oil and our maple syrup.

Just joking. Seriously, only Quebec is worth annexing.

Fred Phelps is in a hotter place.