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City’s full

It has probably already been mentioned before but isn’t there something ironic about a voluntarily celibate man (Pope Francis) decrying the “selfishness” of those who choose not to have children.

Kanye West unveiled his new line of zombie couture at New York Fashion Week.

David Carr was the last great American journalist: not posh, worldly, insightful.

The Devil is quite an attractive character, it is doubtful He will leave the stage of the human imagination anytime soon. I rather enjoyed the depiction of the Devil as a dandy in the film “Constantine” (although, technically He’s credited as Satan).

I take Constantine’s Devil/Satan as a dandy because of the white suit and the rakish display of tattoo creeping above the shirt collar. I wouldn’t quibble if one called Him a popinjay though.

Society’s child

Bakunin was an aristocratic dandy. Even the young Stalin struck a hipsterish pose. Neither were prole models.

A fully loaded Birkin bag is as dangerous as a Molotov cocktail.

Mr Putin says he does not want to rule Russia for life. But one does not simply step down from the Iron Throne.

A city without a vice district is a country town.

Leather is never out.

Tranquility base

Clinic terrorists represent the most violent arm of the new right-wing political bloc in America. Behind the smiling face of the Sarah Palin’s Tea Party are survivalist militias, paramilitary Christian fanatics, and the criminals (e.g., the Bundy Ranch) who are inevitably drawn to such operations.

The phrase “wandering hobo” is so elegiac.

There’s greater tolerance of unethical & illegal behavior by athletes among NFL fans/sportswriters than in other sports. $$ + spectacle.

Men should dress for weddings as The Rake, The Popinjay, or The Dandy.

White Russians are heavy (and I don’t mean Vika Azarenka).

Of human nature

In human nature, praiseworthy qualities never are found without concurrent variations that must run through endless shadings to the utmost imperfection. The quality of the terrifying sublime, if it is quite unnatural, is adventurous. Unnatural things, so far as the sublime is supposed in them, although little or none at all may actually be found, are grotesque. Whoever loves and believes the fantastic is a visionary; the inclination toward whims makes the crank. On the other side, if the noble is completely lacking the feeling of the beautiful degenerates, and one calls it trifling. A male person of this quality, if he is young, is named a fop; if he is of middle age, he is a dandy. Since the sublime is most necessary to the elderly, an old dandy is the most contemptible creature in nature, just as a young crank is the most offensive and intolerable. Jests and liveliness pertain to the feeling of the beautiful. Nevertheless, much understanding can fittingly shine through, and to that extent they can be more or less related to the sublime. He in whose sprightliness this admixture is not detectable chatters. He who perpetually chatters is silly. One easily notices that even clever persons occasionally chatter, and that not a little intellect is needed to call the understanding away from its post for a short time without anything going wrong thereby. He whose words or deeds neither entertain nor move one is boring. The bore, if he is nevertheless zealous to do both, is insipid. The insipid one, if he is conceited, is a fool.

Immanuel Kant, Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime (1763)