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A posh accent signifies more than class to the American ear. It also resonates the excellence of intellect, manifest in prose and poetry; it conjures a vision of Oxbridge in the days when gentlemen scholars wore cap and gown while pondering the mysteries, and Virginia Woolf was consigned to the gravel path.

Russell Brand’s advice to not vote appears to have paid off for the Conservative Party.

Centuries from now, the Shroud of Messi will be put on display by the Vatican.

Re Biker gangland in Waco: like other post-colonial societies, the US has a problem with civil violence.


Drink is quite the muse. It always will be.

Until it’s seen in the cafes of Brooklyn, Neukölln, or East London, it isn’t a real thing.

I was a seapunk in 2001, long before seapunk was invented.

I look forward to seeing Russell Brand at the barricades. Hopefully, he’ll give his personal driver the day off so that s/he might join in the revolutionary festivities. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Katy Perry.

Idiot television interviewers should be shunned like ebola.

Wandering star

Lee Daniels is said to be working on new film, a true life tale of demonic possession. Rumor has it that the film’s title is “”Lee Daniels’ True Life Tale of Demonic Possession.”

Russell Brand is our Bakunin.


Peak beard is an urban legend. So is the lumbersexual.


What we have here (see above image) is merely the woodland hipster (known in common parlance as “the woodsy”), a variation on the classic hipster. The woodland hipster has a nineteenth-century precursor: