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How do you feel?

Hubris: when a man who doesn’t have a son (Al Sharpton) lectures one who does (Bill de Blasio).

The Republican Party is ungovernable.

Once upon a time (the 1980s), critics said theory killed the study of literature. Could it be that theology kills the study of religion?

Is it really news in 2014 that “enhanced interrogation” was used in 2003/4 and is torture?


Playing the role of sore loser, the New York Times continues to agitate against mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s policy emphases. Universal pre-K is a sign of far leftism; upholding constitutional rights and values will suddenly unleash an historic crime wave; an emphasis on affordable housing will send real estate developers scurrying to Delaware; and a modest tax increase will topple financial titans who currently sit on a mountainous hoard of record profits. So we are told.

This is the paranoid style-lite.