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Heaven beside you

One would expect newspaper editors to defend their own interests, but overstating the significance of press is not a winning hand. The Guardian‘s problem is that it aligned itself with two self-centered opportunists (Assange and Greenwald). The “free press” is a private enterprise whose bottom line is profit; its service to “Democracy” is as instrumental to this end as its coverage of local high school sports and the foibles of celebrities. The controversy over the Snowden/NSA leaks, like the wikileaks infodump of the recent past, attracts eyeballs and clicks, which increase revenue for a declining cultural form. Rather than bemoaning the assault on the free press by government, the editors should thank the Orwellians of the state for manufacturing a fresh controversy.

Idaho banned culture in 1989.

Compared to the 1960s, today’s feminism is a fairly tame affair. Feminists academics and journalists spend more time attacking each other than masculine domination.