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All the love

The mob threatens to imprison Europe behind an iron curtain of ignorance and intolerance, pitchfork wielding folk headed by the likes of Hofer, Bachmann, Le Pen, Farage, etc.

It will end in Brexitears.

The noble squid is no weed.

Nothing says Prince like a duet of Mr Wonder and Ms Madonna.

Travelling riverside drive blues

Unfortunately, Europeans are free riders on the US defense budget; should develop an independent Force de frappe.

Donald Rumsfeld is the first, and last, international relations surrealist.

A “dwarf” planet in 2014? It’s mass challenged.

Crows are polite and quiet as well.

Inherited wealth is hardly an “injustice,” no need for the hyperbole. It is, however, an impediment to a “level playing field” of life chances for the new born.

Re “Conscious uncoupling”: It’s easy to build an article around two words in a statement, more difficult to summon an iota of empathy for the couple.