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Backing track

Pundits have jumped all over the Scalise story. But really, what’s the difference between a “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” meeting, Stormfront, and any recent Republican Party National Convention?

With the demise of his/her noble culture, the hobo is no longer a worthy subject of art. Rembrandt, whose self portraits depict the artist as an A’dam street “entrepreneur,” is unlikely to inspire the likes of “Banksy,” Koons, Close, or Schnabel to do the same today.

Economic and political historians of Russia will name the events of 2014 as Putin’s Folly. When Mr Putin goes into exile, what becomes of Mr Snowden and his housemate Viktor Yanukovych?

According to Forbes magazine, it’s JLaw’s world now. We just live in it.

Tranquility base

Clinic terrorists represent the most violent arm of the new right-wing political bloc in America. Behind the smiling face of the Sarah Palin’s Tea Party are survivalist militias, paramilitary Christian fanatics, and the criminals (e.g., the Bundy Ranch) who are inevitably drawn to such operations.

The phrase “wandering hobo” is so elegiac.

There’s greater tolerance of unethical & illegal behavior by athletes among NFL fans/sportswriters than in other sports. $$ + spectacle.

Men should dress for weddings as The Rake, The Popinjay, or The Dandy.

White Russians are heavy (and I don’t mean Vika Azarenka).