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Rough riders

One reason the normalization of US-Cuba relations happened now is that the anti-Castro Cuban vote can no long swing presidential elections in Florida. The most hardened revanchists have entered their graveyard years.

The NY Yankees are poised to plunder the goldmine of Cuban baseball talent.

Authentic avant-gardistas like Duchamp would approve of the whitewash of Banksy’s “works.”

This means WAR

It’s worth noting that Billy Beane (Moneyball) has never won a World Series title. But his use of random performance measurements continues to dazzle journalists.

Sartre’s best work is clearly not Being and Nothingness (see the majestic, two volume Critique of Dialectical Reason). The causes of Sartre’s decline in status among consecrated intellectuals are: (1) he saddled himself to a losing horse (Marxism); and (2) his work exhibits an old fashioned, humanist optimism, which is out of favor in the age of mechanical intersectionality.


Respondent: [Ben] Bradlee was East Coast Ivy League privileged elite. This is why he (actually his gang) managed to depose Nixon …

Me: Thank god he was from the privileged elite!