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Confederacy of dunces

The post-Civil War south fought the results of that war, the demise of slavery, for another one hundred years via the instrument of segregationist “black codes.” The same region, bolstered by westward expansion and hellbent on preserving its nineteenth-century lifestyle, rushes to impose “gay codes” which could last for another century. (NB: it is still legal to discriminated against LGBT in Arizona, the veto of SB1062 notwithstanding). The irony is that today’s religious authoritarians are wearing the white hoods of religious liberty in their struggle against other peoples’ pleasure.

America’s constitutional design creates the possibility for state governments to act more tyrannically (and demagogically) than any real or imagined federal “monarchy.”

Banditry used to be an honourable profession.

Re Spike Lee’s profane rant against gentrification in the Fort Greene neighborhood he helped to gentrify: before there was gentrification, there was serfdom. Mobility means change and displacement. Everything that is solid melts into air and all that jazz (apologies to Mr Marx).