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The DDR was the poshest Soviet bloc nation.

Adelina ruled, Wagner not so much. Should never have been on the US team.

1.5+ million idiots are trying to take away Adelina’s gold medal.

Why did the silly Russian coach swap out Bob for Varmalov? The coach will wind up in Siberia.

All of North America shut down to watch ice hockey.

Hello resolven

The question is not whether freedom of speech is under threat in India. The question is whether freedom of speech ever existed in India.

NFL locker rooms have all the mental sophistication of teenage boys.

Unfortunately, NFL players consider the locker room as if it were the bedroom: private, protected from scrutiny.

Russia vs the USA is only a grudge match for cold war neanderthals. For rational people, it’s an interesting hockey game.

America: bullets, bibles, ballots, and ice hockey.

This is a case of toxic chickens coming home to roost. WV citizens continually support anti-government, anti-environmental regulation politicians. Hence, they are complicit in their own misery.

Willem de Kooning is the greatest artist of the 20th century.

Songs are like tattoos

Frodo and Samwise ended in disappointment.

Arwen was not the first older woman to prefer younger men.

Tolkien is either poor at writing women or the Trilogy is primarily a homosocial tale. I’m inclined towards the latter assessment.

The Western media has fallen for Putin’s self-delusion: the Olympics is not all about Putin.

Patriotism is anachronistic.

America has no culture, traditional or otherwise. What it does have is commerce.

Stuart Hall’s theorization of the politics of identity and popular culture was path-breaking in its time. He never succumbed to the trendy politics of theory which led cultural studies into a morass of self-defeating, moralizing recriminations.

Mother Russia

Jay Leno was a blight on American television. The bar is set low for Mr Fallon.

Mr Leno played the role of Brutus to both Letterman and Conan.

Nada is the face of Pussy Riot whether the other women like it or not.

The opening ceremony at Sochi was brilliant. However, NBC’s coverage was marred by historical nonsense from David Remnick.

Mr Remnick did provide one laugh out loud moment: “Russia was isolated from the Enlightenment.”

The New York Times criticized the opening ceremony for whitewashing the terrible Soviet times. In contrast, I recall that US Olympic opening ceremonies in Los Angeles and Atlanta paid tribute to slavery, southern segregation, Indian Removal, etc.

When does the competition in mass arrests begin?