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And that’s saying a lot

Rudy gonna spend what’s left of his graveyard years in Ossining, NY.

Keebler endorses Jeff Sessions.

The GOP have abandoned the rule of law. It will continue until the electorate chucks them.

Sad to see the newbie Minnesota Congressperson coddle the Erdogan dictatorship/caliphate.

Incels are susceptible to Ayn Rand for libidinal reasons and Steve Bannon took advantage of that.

Bern, and Warren somewhat, are riding their “crisis theory” for all it is worth. After the chaos and illegality of Trump, voters seem to seek the return to a boring, legitimate presidency, which is not represented by rhetoric of “revolution” or the disruption M4A would entail.

Why do reporters incessantly retweet and hype each other?

Stop your sobbing

The Republican candidates attacking “the media” is equivalent to the candidates attacking a mirror for the image they see when they look into one.

In reality, one doesn’t choose the questions one is asked. Republicans are used to living in the fantasy world of the Fox News echo chamber.

China has lifted its “one child” policy. There’s a pressing need to replace the people who are dying from pollution-related diseases caused by the satanic mills of Party Capitalism.

Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House. I’m reminded that Ayn Rand continues to have a powerful effect on the libidos of conservative boys and men.

Baby carni bird

Rand Paul loves to filibuster. It’s good press for his presidential campaign.

People ask me all the time whether Mr Paul is named for Ayn Rand. I tell them his name is truncation of Krugerrand.

A Harley is like the “white van” for American bikers. Some of the tough guys ran away from a fight gunfight in Waco. Pathetic.

One of the best things about David Letterman’s show was Larry “Bud” Melman.

The arrival of cats led to the domestication of the species homo sapiens.

I’ve seen that movie too

“A Most Violent Year”: Another film about another corrupt businessman. I thought “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “American Hustle” had exhausted this category.

I heard a pundit say that Ron Rand Paul’s strongest support comes from a cohort of young men between the ages of 16 and 25, who may be attracted to the ideas of either Ayn Rand or Noam Chomsky.

Ayn Rand’s expert opinion on the film “Song of Russia” (offered in testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee) still brings a smile to one’s face. Here’s her definition of propaganda.

Miss RAND: Yes.

First of all I would like to define what we mean by propaganda. We have all been talking about it, but nobody—

Mr. STRIPLING: Could you talk into the microphone?

Miss RAND: Can you hear me now?

Nobody has stated just what they mean by propaganda. Now, I use the term to mean that Communist propaganda is anything which gives a good impression of communism as a way of life. Anything that sells people the idea that life in Russia is good and that people are free and happy would be Communist propaganda. Am I not correct? I mean, would that be a fair statement to make—that that would be Communist propaganda?


For a brief moment, the Smashing Pumpkins were the best band in the world (after Oasis).

No one wants to close the QE spigot. Happy days are here to stay.