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And that’s saying a lot

Rudy gonna spend what’s left of his graveyard years in Ossining, NY.

Keebler endorses Jeff Sessions.

The GOP have abandoned the rule of law. It will continue until the electorate chucks them.

Sad to see the newbie Minnesota Congressperson coddle the Erdogan dictatorship/caliphate.

Incels are susceptible to Ayn Rand for libidinal reasons and Steve Bannon took advantage of that.

Bern, and Warren somewhat, are riding their “crisis theory” for all it is worth. After the chaos and illegality of Trump, voters seem to seek the return to a boring, legitimate presidency, which is not represented by rhetoric of “revolution” or the disruption M4A would entail.

Why do reporters incessantly retweet and hype each other?

The lights

Trump’s deplorables have been radicalized by Breitbart, Fox News, and extremist Christian academies.

Weak willed people are susceptible to the propaganda of a strongman like Trump. One sees the same phenomenon in Turkey and Russia.

Trump supporters are precisely the sort that “founders” like Hamilton and Madison worried about.

Worse yet, the Republican Party is acting as a fifth column.

The first act of Trump’s presidency is likely unconstitutional. It won’t be the last time this happens. The courts are the only thing that stand between democracy and dictatorship.



(Ilse Bing. Bastille Day, Paris. 1933 | MoMA)

UK: Why is anyone so eager to hang on to Mr Corbyn? It’s self-evident he’ll never be PM. Symbolic politics (his specialty) are fine during a Sunday street protest, but should not be confused with the politics of winning elections. However, it appears he’s the first sinking ship that rats prefer to go down with into the deep of political irrelevance.

US: Mr Pence is a lightweight, anti-gay religious bigot. In backwards states, where Trump is likely to win anyway, he’ll be unnecessary political furniture. However, in moderate to fully rational states, he’ll stand as a talisman of right-wing lunacy, guaranteeing a record thumping for the clown at the top of the Republican ticket.

Metall auf metall

To paraphrase Kant: English is the language of commerce; German, the language of philosophy; French, the language of poetry.

MDMA is making a comeback. It’s safe to bring out your pacifier and glow sticks.

The most dangerous drug is monotheism.

It’s no surprise that Mr Trump stiffed the Veterans, got caught, and was forced to pony up.

The law & order, family values Republican Party is throwing its support behind a twice divorced harlequin, who is also a grifter and a cheat.

We are not even close to peak Bond watch. It’s time for a non-binary Bond.

The day the clown came to town

Mr Trump has been a welcome dose of high voltage low comedy. However, the curtain will fall on his one man show on election day in November.

He has no chance of winning the election in November when Americans — not just Republicans — would weigh in. What’s really at stake is the future existence of the Republican Party if he were to achieve the nomination.

The Republican Party will dump Trump like a Chelsea manager if he doesn’t win the nomination on the first ballot at its convention.

Hand in glove

Republican Party 1854-2016.

A nativist tradition has always had a presence in US political culture, at times lurking beneath the calm waters of regular electoral politics, at other times crashing through like a Kraken intent on the destruction of the nation.

Since 2009, the Republican Tea Party has been that mythological sea monster, initially awakened by Mr Trump’s birther fabula. Now these Republicans have again turned to Mr Trump in massive numbers. His campaign represents their best fears and worst hopes for America.


South Carolina Primary:

Mr Trump is back in his role as lead clown. Jeb! and Kasich are political roadkill for the Republican pitchforks.

Jeb! shed his spectacles (to no avail) because the pitchforks are opposed to any sign of intellectualism. As for frames advice, however, won’t can’t go wrong with Superdry Depp or Mykita Falk.

This could be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, which rose from the ashes of the Whig Party in 1854 (The “Know Nothings” were the xenophobic rump of the former Whigs, the more rational of whom [Lincoln et al.] formed the Republican Party). The Tea Party Trumpezoids would be the Know Nothings of today, especially given the inevitable defeat of Mr Trump in November 2016. The only options for his disappointed followers would be (1) emigration, (2) a humiliating crawl back into the Republican Party fold, or (3) armed insurrection (ala the Bundy bandits). On the other hand, the Republican Party could cease to exist as more than a Congressional Party (i.e., a Party of elected officials) if it is unable to serve as a receptacle for disconsolate conservative discontent.



Europe saved England twice from barbarism (1066 and 1688). Brexit is no way to repay that debt.