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Kate Beckinsale will always be Selene to me.

Fox News has purveyed fake news for two decades. Breitbart is riding on old Rupe’s coattails.

Steve Bannon is the bin Laden of journalism.

Mr Trump is Thatcher on steroids, Reagan on donepezil.

It is not surprising that a billionaire tops the Forbes’ list.

Star power

It’s not real outrage until Twitter is outraged.

Based on new archaeological research, it has been discovered that Pussy Galore of the 007 film was a lesbian.

What about Xenia Onatopp? Was she really Onabottom?

Plenty O’Toole would be an apt name for Bond’s male lover (if he were to ever have one).

Why do people mask themselves with the image of a violent Catholic Monarchist? Guy Fawkes is a curious idol for anarchists.

Mr Tarantino is correct to never back down to bullies wearing badges or carrying microphones.

21st Century Fox has gutted National Geographic. It will become another tabloid for Old Rupe to hand over to the redhead.

Love will keep us alive

The Republican primary voter is a distinct subset of the American electorate. S/he would support Attila if he vowed to protect  his/her guns and bibles.

Unfortunately, the Republicans on stage last night do appeal to a segment of the American electorate, whose broken syntax and tin foil hat ideas are reinforced by half-understood bible quotes and semi-automatic weapons.

Plebes often fall for the bluster of rich men, falsely identifying themselves with the upper ten.

Fox News is ambivalent about Trump. On the one hand, old Rupe realises Trump will destroy any chance the Republican Party has at retaking the White House. On the other hand, Fox News executives realise Trump is a ratings bonanza. Since the network has always appealed to the lowest common denominator, it is in a real bind.

Trump as Commander In Chief could lead to the first military coup in US history.

During the debate, Hillary Clinton posted a selfie with Kim and Kanye.

Bernie Sanders posted an old selfie with The Weavers.

The name of the game

Fox News prepared the way for Mr Trump by foisting professional bloviators like O’Reilly and Hannity on the public for years. He’s the spawn of Murdoch even if old Rupe refuses to recognize his paternity.

Obviously, many Republicans find Mr Trump very congenial.

Somewhere, PT Barnum is smiling.

Mr Trump represents a fifth freedom: freedom from thought.


WWII was the only “good war” of the twentieth-century. On the American side, these films sustain the myth of the “greatest generation” of Americans, who weathered the Great Depression, won WWII (singlehandedly), and built a mighty post-war economy. That this same greatest generation also defended racial segregation in the bloodiest of fashions, staged coups around the globe, and violated civil liberties at home (from McCarthy to Hoover) goes without comment.

The most apt films in the WWII genre are the ironic ones, like The Mouse That Roared or Kelly’s Heroes.

Numerology went out of fashion around 1588 CE.

Catcher in the Rye is the greatest post-war American novel.

Even Time Warner rebuffed Rupert Murdoch. He’s toxic.