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Hit single #1

Ms Arquette’s detractors are either members of professional outragetariat or addled hyper-intersectionalists.

What’s wrong with having a beer with an owl.

One must forgive Bill O’Reilly. He’s not used to working with facts.

For the speakers and attendees of CPAC, the sky is always falling. It’s curious that the sky always only lands on them.

Ms Kirchner made an Argentinian judge an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Clint Eastwood turned Mr Kyle into the new Daniel Boone. Or Josey Wales. Which proves Americans are gullible, like the audience at Le Gamaar.

White summer

Argentina has defaulted again. Soon it will be a good time to buy real estate in Retiro.

Upon reading this, my opinion of the colonists dramatically improved.

A gentleman called “BuzzFeedBenny” was fired. Irony that an aggregator is fired for plagiarism as opposed to theft.

Former IRS chief Lois Lerner reportedly referred to Republicans as “assholes” and “crazies.” Oddly, House Republicans referred to each other using the same terms last tonight.

A Party divided against itself is called the Republican Party.

Since 1998, the impeachment proceeding is what Republicans think of as “governance.”