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Happier than sunshine


Trump is fortunate. The Cohen hearings distracted attention from his failure in Hanoi.

Failing is winning in Trumpworld. In reality, Trump was humiliated and snuck back into the White House under the cover of darkness.

Trump is still confused about the American legal system. Perhaps that’s why his name appears so often in court filings.

When Trump goes to prison, he’ll see many of his supporters.

Do they scan for CTE at the NFL combine?

How much Russian oligarch money is laundered through CPAC?

Politico is trying to create one of its false narratives. (Which one you ask? All of them).

#1880sIn5Words Support your local opium den

Snow Day❄️❄️ 🙏🙏

King nothing

The Conservative Clown Convention took place. Mr Trump’s speech was all broken syntax and non-sequiturs.

William F. Buckley Jr expected conservatives to have brains, not eat them.

Trumpflakes and other emocons are crying about how Hollywood and the media treat their harlequin President.

Hence, the only media outlets permitted at White House press briefings are Fox News, Russia Today, and the National Enquirer.

There’s really no point in covering a fake president.

Hit single #1

Ms Arquette’s detractors are either members of professional outragetariat or addled hyper-intersectionalists.

What’s wrong with having a beer with an owl.

One must forgive Bill O’Reilly. He’s not used to working with facts.

For the speakers and attendees of CPAC, the sky is always falling. It’s curious that the sky always only lands on them.

Ms Kirchner made an Argentinian judge an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Clint Eastwood turned Mr Kyle into the new Daniel Boone. Or Josey Wales. Which proves Americans are gullible, like the audience at Le Gamaar.