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When I go

I can’t believe the Texas governor will accept federal disaster funds. Doesn’t he know its a precursor to martial law?!?!

Re the FIFA election: It’s great that post-colonial elites are so firmly united in support of corruption.

Re Sepp Blatter’s resignation: For extradition reasons, Mr Blatter could not afford to attend the Women’s WC in Canada. They don’t serve gourmet spätzle in US medium security prisons.


I did an essay at university that was a structuralist comparison of Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally,” Pegg recalls. “I got a first for it. I read it the other day and I didn’t understand it – it’s completely indecipherable to me. It’s like stereo instructions. But, basically, I tried to say that When Harry Met Sally is like a piece of prose, and Annie Hall is a poem because it uses cinematic devices figuratively, like poems, and it rhymes scenes, whereas When Harry Met Sally is a continuous narrative. It wasn’t saying either one is better. Though Annie Hall is better.

Simon Pegg shows that actors can also be intellectuals. He clearly knows the difference between sjuzet and fabula.



One problem only children can face is smothering parents. I often longed for a sibling so I wouldn’t be blamed for everything that went wrong. I could only point to the dog, which wasn’t convincing.

While I never really wanted a sibling, but I did suffer from too much attention, mostly negative. Since it would seem natural for parents of only children to invest heavily in the child, I would just encourage parents to give only children some space to breathe.

Can’t beat the Schwaben. The best people on earth. Also spätzle.