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The guns of July

Will Putin take away the BUK missiles he gave to Comandante Strelkov? If he doesn’t, he’s signaling consent to this massacre.

It is apparent that the bumpkin rebels are too stupid to carry off this killing operation alone. Putin is running the show. Will he turn himself in at The Hague? Will he bring Comandante Strelkov with him?

After arming ignorant criminals with sophisticated weapons, Mr Putin is now washing his hands of the matter through his UN propaganda minister.

Putin’s shock troops shot down the plane. Either he’s lost control or he gave the order.

When Putin apologists ask questions akin to “Why did the civilians get in the way of our missile?”, they underscore the depravity of Putin and his Ukrainian shock troops.

The “rebels” are what Marx called the “lumpenproletariat”: criminals and lackeys; ready for violence; easily purchased with cigars, sausages, and vodka.