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Getting married today

It is ironic that an American now serves as the gravedigger of anti-monarchism.

There aren’t enough republicans to fill Wembley Stadium.

As the monarchy looks to the future, the brexitious Labour and Tory parties look to their inglorious pasts.

The cosmopolitan young royals are an easy sell when contrasted with the likes of nativist elected politicians like May and Corbyn.

Cromwell’s reign of terror made divine right look attractive.

The problem with Oxford is that it is not (and will never be) Cambridge.

Jordan Peterson is the Gwyneth Paltrow of the alt right.

Much of the blues tradition, on which rock and roll is based, is decidedly misogynistic and would run afoul of the #MeToo movement.

There are few facts in sports journalism, but there is a lot of conjecture and imaginative speculation.

Genau jetzt

Can the US be granted a restraining order against Trump?

Theresa May’s bridge to America turned out to be a sewage canal.

Appeasers are not treated kindly by history.

Who knew tiny Australia would be the first government to punch the orange cuckold in the face.

To the rest of the world not called the UK: courage!

“The Authoritarian Personality” is another book to revisit vis-a-vis the rise of Trumpism.

Ms Conway has the touch of the poison dwarf.