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Time loves a hero

If civilisation is measured by the absence of gun violence, then the US is one of the most uncivilised places on earth. From the National Rifle Manufacturers Association and its paid politicians to the yokel libertarian sheriff in Oregon, the bulwark of barbarism is immense and apparently impenetrable by the forces of reason.

The only practical conclusion I can draw from this latest incident of barbarism, and the predictable reaction to it, is that Americans (#notallAmericans) prefer to expose themselves and their fellow citizens to the real risk of death posed by gun violence than the hypothetical risk of death posed by “tyranny.”


The meeting between Kim Davis and Pope Francis represents grave evil. As a Jesuit, the Pope should know better than to do anything that might be perceived as support for a barnyard religious bigot.

Bright lights and promises

Men’s fashion design, which is often slavish in its appropriation of street style, should seize upon the look of the hipster-dandy, not the esthete-dandy.

It’s time to relocate endangered world-historical artifacts from war zones to Berlin (Pergamon), Paris (Louvre), and New York (Met Museum) for safe-keeping.

Why should boxing be saved. Let it go the way of bear-baiting and dog-fighting (consigned to the dustbin of barbarism).

The Nemtsov assassination may be Russia’s Selma.

Republicans are skating along the edge of treason.