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Corners of your mind

Trump says he’s transparent.

If transparent means openly corrupt, then yes.

If transparent means clearly insane, then yes.

10,000 bleats and tweets from AOC won’t do to Trump what Pelosi did today.

Pelosi also treated Kellyanne Conway as The Help.

Ben Carson doesn’t know REO Speedwagon.

Eminem was one of the first to turn on Moby, long before the professional outragetariat found him to be a monster today.

People question Bernie Sanders’ hair, but hair is always tousled because he just arrived from marching with Dr King.

Socialism: a nineteenth-century ideology premised, like capitalism, on a fossil fuel based economy.

Republican convention, Act 2


(Hell, Hans Memling 1485)

Running commentary:

The roll call of the states is a highlight of every convention.

Each state takes the opportunity to brag about its world class brisket or brothels.

Idaho, proud home of the Aryan Nations…

Each speaker conveys the idea that Mr Trump would make a fine President. In 1876.

Minor revolt by the Alaska delegation. Guns were kept holstered.

It was very nice of Mr Trump to FaceTime from Trump Tower. He can’t spend four days and nights away from Scores.

Senator Wild Turkey from Kentucky is speaking. Alas, Mr McConnell is a poor choice to weigh in on “truth.”

Mr Christie walks out to Barbra Streisand’s “Guilty.”

He’s always specialised in verbal knee-capping.

Berniebros are loving Mr Christie’s speech.

The rumor that Republicans are serving Flint water at the convention is false.

Mr Carson is up now…

Saul Alinsky! Mr Carson is digging deep.


His performance has reached peak pyramid.

The house band is playing “Into the Coven” as Mr Carson’s walk off music.

It concludes with an avocado actress speaking to an empty room.

Baby ouh

Competitive bearding is an unfortunate thing.

Everyone likes a quality mariachi band.

The Republican candidates make Bedlam look like a conference of logicians.

The Republican Party allowed itself to be run by the conservative media, which, by serving as the propaganda ministry for the likes of Ben Carson, is now destroying the Republican Party.

Why don’t real Christians criticize the cartoon Christianity Mr Carson is peddling.



Running comments on Republican debate #4

Fox’s promotional film on Wisconsin didn’t mention Republican Senator Joe McCarthy.

Poor Scott Walker, this was supposed to be his big night.

On the minimum wage:

Trump says wages are too high. We’re losing. Suck it up workers.

Carson thinks $15 per hour wage is a high wage. Loud applause.

Rubio says America is great because it has poor people.

Rubio: “we need more welders and less philosophers.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

On jobs:

Canadian Senator Cruz says: Bold Tax Plan, Booming Growth, Remove Locusts, and Sound Money.

Jeb! is looking for a job too. Lower taxes. Repeal all environmental regulations. More pollution means high growth!

Fiorina: take our government back!

Krugerrand: move to a state with a Republican governor or a city with a Republican mayor.

Said with a straight face.

So far: Hillary bad, Obama bad, Democrats bad, taxes bad, government bad, clean water bad. Poor people good.

On immigration:

Trump: we need borders, we will have a wall, and it will be successful. They’ll have to go out, hopefully, they’ll get back. We’re going to be a country.

Kasich: deportation is not an adult argument.

He’s trying to lose!

Trump: Move them out! We have no choice!

Trump: I’ve made billions! Shut up Kasich, you punk!

Rubio: destroy government, kill the philosophers, and this new century will be a new American century.

This debate is no more informative than the other debates. They say the same things, sometimes louder, sometimes less coherently.

On taxes:

That’s it.

Time for an adult beverage and a reading of Plato’s Republic.

Winners: Everyone who watched the World Series of Poker Final Table.

Losers: Brain cells.

Cotton Mather redux

Religious authenticity has mattered to Republicans since the rise of the “Moral Majority” in the 1970s (a conservative version of the counter cultural tendencies of the 1960s), which put Reagan and a gaggle of arch-conservative politicians in office and destroyed rational public discourse. Mr Carson is not all that different from GW Bush and his fellow theocrats Reverend Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ted Cruz, who wear religion as a badge of honour and use it as a rhetorical club against political opponents. For these people, religion is instrumentalized as a tool for political demonology, whose familiar targets are feminists and “Hollywood” and “East Coast” liberals. At times, the more fanatical believers have gone beyond symbolic violence and engaged in physical violence, the murder of doctors providing reproductive health care services to women (see the domestic terrorist outfit “Operation Rescue”).

Whereas the Moral Majority and other social conservative organizations have been primarily comprised of Evangelical Christians, Mr Carson brings the cosmological nuttiness of Seventh Day Adventism to the mix, a sect that is a recent invention (dating from the 19th century). The cartoonish statements of faith uttered by Mr Carson are consistent with the historically undisciplined, self-willed spirituality of the Protestant sects.


Mr Carson is grainy on the facts.

Privacy never existed.

Leicester City was a hipster’s choice club until it moved into the top four.

David Moyes and José Mourinho are about equal in their ability to produce Schadenfreude Saturdays.

Amexgate (Marco Rubio) looks like criminal activity. I suppose no Florida prosecutor has an interest in pressing charges.

Don’t lose your mind

Mr Carson is the James Frey of the Republican presidential campaign. The fact that he’s a fabricator makes him the ideal Republican candidate.

Is this the Mein Trumpf moment of the Republican campaign?

The POTUS has put an end to the Republicans’ Keystone pipe dream.

Twitter is teetering because we’ve reached peak outrage.

The problem is Twitter is lousy with journalists.