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Most anything you want

Je suis Amanda: Mr Sollecito was a sideshow. The main target of prosecutorial obsession was Ms Knox. It’s pretty obvious the Italian legal system leaves a great deal to be desired (see its bunga bungling vis-a-vis Mr Berlusconi). It was humiliated by the Italian-fluent Ms Knox; the police investigation was subject to global laughter. Hence, the vendetta against Knox.

The explosion and fire in the East Village was terrifyingly close to the the buildings on St Marks Place that are the cover art of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.

Cheap landlords + unlicensed contractors + 100+ year old buildings, a deadly mix.

I’ve read that Tumblr is upset about Branagh’s new film Cinderella.

Neo-stoics like Justus Lipsius and Michel de Montaigne are preferable to Seneca.


“Physical Graffiti” is the best rock album ever. I’ll buy the twenty-sixth remaster.

Russell Crowe says older actresses should play their age and his critics say there are a dearth of roles for older women actors. Crowe misses the point that, ordinarily, film viewers don’t flock to stories involving oldsters.

In other news, Rabbit is dead.

This has been going on at least since forever (or 1988).