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Just another high


My running thoughts on the second grown up table Republican debate:

Re the kid’s table: Mr Jindal should run again once he reaches puberty.

Mr Trump’s hair is groomed to look like the wing of a fighter jet.

Very diverse audience in the Reagan Temple tonight.

Like Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, CNN’s Jake Tapper is eager to take Mr Trump down.

Rand Paul is Trump’s first punching bag of the evening.

Scott Walker decimated. Trump is a buffoon but he’s playing with fools.

Hopefully, there will be a question about Ms Fiorina and HP.

Jeb! has wandered into Trump’s cesspool.

Fiorina says not talking to Putin shows strength. Funny stuff.

Fortunately, Mr Cruz won’t be elected president.

Mr Huckabee makes the Iran deal a matter of the Apocalypse.

Mr Huckabee advocates lawlessness re the topic of Kim Davis.

Christie pandering. Well played, sir.

Re birthright citizenship, Mr Trump says “we have to take care of the baby for 85 years.” I guess those babies don’t grow up.

Finally, Fiorina has to explain away the HP disaster. Tangling with Trump: poor Fiorina.

The problem in that exchange for Fiorina is that she has a track record of failure. Trump has a track record of more success than failure. But it’s a nonsensical discussion on job creation because as Republicans have said to Obama over and over again: Presidents don’t create jobs.

Unlike Ms Fiorina, Mr Trump will talk to Mr Putin. Putin and Trump are both billionaires. They can talk about investment strategies and Swiss banks.

So Marco Rubio is a shirker (i.e., high absentee rate) in the Senate. Trump keeps bringing it.

Rubio floundering. He’s toast.

Jeb! says Peace Through Strength. It’s 1950 again.

Scott Walker says “I won’t back down.” Maybe Tom Petty should be President.

Mr Cruz thinks Chief Justice John Roberts is a liberal. I think Mr Cruz is a loon.

Mr Rubio says “radical terror cannot be solved by intellect.” To be fair, he has no experience with intellect.

Winners: Trump, Jeb!, Paul
Losers: Carson, Christie
Biggest Losers: Fiorina, Walker, Huckabee, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz

Dance this mess around

In almost every area of domestic and foreign policy, and in all phases of morality, the Republican Party has become detached from reality. Its leading personalities – Mssrs. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, and John Boehner – remind one of a rundown circus troupe that relies on the clown car gag to carry each performance. Even worse, the Party now attracts, and is attracted to, one of the greatest collections of kooks ever assembled (e.g., Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Cliven Bundy, The Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown, Ted Nugent). Already bereft of ideas under G W Bush, the love/hate/love relationship Republican politicians have with the Tea Party (a Party best situated to win elections in the nineteenth-century) has even further narrowed the GOP’s vision. The current state of the Republican Party is an object lesson on what politics looks like when it is driven entirely by emotion and ressentiment as opposed to reason and the reality principle: nasty and brutish. However, because of gerrymandering of electoral districts, the life of this politics, and the political life of the Republican politician, is not short.