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The day the clown came to town

Mr Trump has been a welcome dose of high voltage low comedy. However, the curtain will fall on his one man show on election day in November.

He has no chance of winning the election in November when Americans — not just Republicans — would weigh in. What’s really at stake is the future existence of the Republican Party if he were to achieve the nomination.

The Republican Party will dump Trump like a Chelsea manager if he doesn’t win the nomination on the first ballot at its convention.

Walkin’ blues

Mr Trump has simply distilled the Republican brand to its table of elements: misogyny and racial/ethnic antipathy.

We may have reached peak parody. It’s time for irony.

Aside from Kollontai, Trotsky was probably the only decent Russian Marxist.

Quite an ugly scene at the end of the match when Chelsea players stalked referee Michael Oliver like a pack of American trophy hunters on safari.

The Garden of Finzi-Continis is a masterwork, not least because of Dominique Sanda.