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Four moods

Beshear is no AOC or Sanders. Can’t imagine there will any champagne uncorked at the offices of the Justice Democrats or in yurts of the Sunrisers.

The so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party will view a Beshear victory as a repudiation of their ideology and, therefore, as a defeat.

Trump trends higher in counties with high meth and oxy addiction.

Most damaging to the faith-healers who touched Trump: their souls are saturated with sin.

Re the changing of the guard at One Police Plaza: It’s always a big deal when a street gang changes leadership.

Roger Stone is the forgotten capo of the Trump Crime Family.

Bern marched with Dr King and broke rocks with Mandela.

Bern doesn’t care about the math. He just wants to come off as one angry populist, more angry, and hence, more progressive, than Warren.

Regarding Bern’s M4A plan … to quote Marx (from the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte): “There the phrase went beyond the content.”

It’s one thing when Shep went off on Trump. But when Ed Henry flips, one knows Trump has lost Fox News.

I can’t believe people still believe in “age appropriateness” for consenting adults. Must be the New Puritanism.

Populism is why we can’t have nice things.

Loin derrière

I feel somewhat bad for Jeb! He dropped his last name to avoid association with his dumberer brother. He raised millions of dollars from hardworking, big Republican funders. He renounced his only serious policy idea (the Common Core) so that he would be more appealing to the anti-intellectual Republican base. All this should have secured an easy victory over pipsqueaks like Jindal, Huckabee, Paul, Cruz, and Rubio.

Instead, he’s been ambushed by a real estate clown and a retired surgeon who hocks quacksterish supplements.

It’s sad to see one of the last remaining hippie habitats (Haight Ashbury) under threat from market-driven environmental encroachment.

Puritanism is why we can’t have nice things.