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Mambo miam miam

Coney Island’s former glory was always seedy and proleish. The effort to transform it into Disneyland is ludicrous.

Mesut Özil is the Footballer of the Year.

A book of Mr Putin’s speeches will be published. Unfortunately, they will never be as influential as Mr Stalin’s book on linguistics.

Meanwhile, in merry old England: Mssrs Corbyn, McDonnell, and Milne should be aware that history’s great purgers have often found themselves purged in the end, Robespierre, Yagoda, and Yezhov among them.

It’s a long way there

Occupy is missing in action in Crimea.

Harvey Keitel’s small role as Auggie in Smoke is superb.

Green beer is queer. The New York St Patrick’s Day Parade organizers just don’t realize it.

I doubt the NYC Gay Pride Parade bans Irish identified organizations from marching.

Julian Assange and the NSA: one law-breaker recognizes another.

Vlad Putin is 5’5″. John McCain is 5’7″. Nikolai Yezhov was tiny.

It’s time to anoint Rand Paul as the inevitable Republican presidential candidate in 2016.