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Just the same

There’s something to be said for the Miami Vice theory of policing according to which no suspect ever reaches the courtroom.

Mr Putin is the Chichikov of Russian politics.

It’s sad to think the future of Scotland hangs on the outcome of a TV debate. Territorial disputes should be settled the old fashioned way: by cannon, grapeshot, and heavy horse.

Nothing says ‘Merica better than an Uzi-toting 9 year old facing a manslaughter charge.

No robot could be as intelligent as a border collie.

Based on early reports out of London, Kate Bush is the Callas of proggy pop.

When it comes to you

Right-wingers used to decry “frivolous lawsuits.” Now they are proponents of them versus the POTUS.

The world would be better if women were in control everywhere. Men have had their chance and have pretty much f*cked up everything. Time to stand down.

All the forces of Enlightenment must be arrayed against the medieval monotheists in a symbolic war of position and a physical war of manoeuvre.

The return of Kate Bush is the biggest musical event of the century.

Segolene Royal would have made a better President of France.