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Anything goes

Frontality is passé.

Sadly, gun ownership in America has gone from being a hobby to an addiction. Promiscuous gun laws only promote the addiction.

The 2nd amendment was especially important in areas of the new nation where slaves outnumbered free persons.

Neither Brexit nor Trump nor Sanders will/would fix the economy. But false hopes die hard.

It’s not news that journalism thrives on conflict. It’s not the business of journalism to create consensus. However, it should be the business of journalism to offer reality-based reportage.

Common core

The Second Amendment has corrupted America.

Russian shock troops invaded Kazakhstan by accident.

Albums of 1984:

Herbert Grönemeyer, 4630 Bochum

Madonna, Like a Virgin

Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Art of Noise, Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise

Trevor Horn made great use of that magnificent Fairlight on the Art of Noise and Frankie albums.

Regarding Frankie: “Born to Run” was their best track. As a cover, it is better than Springsteen’s original.