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Politico asks what does a fictional movie get wrong about a fictional event described in a fictional text. No, you can’t make this stuff up.

This Ross Douthat column is sore-loserish. With neither a compelling argument against, nor a coherent plan to replace, Obamacare, Conservatives are left holding an Easter basket full of doomsday predictions that never come true.

My only advice for you is to ignore my advice.

I’ll give you my Zoloft when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Game of Thrones is bigger than Jesus.

Stronger through the years

Hopefully the Japanese government will put an end to the barbarism that is whaling. It’s time for Japan to join the 21st century.

Once you get past the puritanical morality and gun violence, you’ll find that Americans are capable of both irony and sarcasm.

Governor Chris Christie was thinking of Fort Lee, New Jersey when he referred to the West Bank as the “occupied territories.”

The best Richard the IIIs: Olivier has the right amount of camp; McKellen is massively sinister. All the rest pale in comparison.

Noah lived to be 900 years old, much longer than the Kings of Gondor.

Will anything happen?

Edward Snowden, Franklin Graham, Ron Paul, and Steven Seagal are standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr Putin, a clear victory for Russia.

Take pity on bar staff. Dealing with alcoholics every night can’t be fun or rewarding.

The ark in the new Noah biopic looks large enough to house a few dinosaurs.

Since WWII, the only good things in life have come from California, particularly the California lifestyle.

The California earthquakes are a distraction from Benghazi.

Cotton crown

Noah is not a religious movie. It’s an action film about an action hero who saves life on earth in the face of the genocidal actions of an evil dictator. It’s Independence Day circa the OT.

The far right in the US and UK have expressed admiration for Mr Putin. Right-wingers almost always embrace the tactics of other political strongmen.

The open revolt against Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes at Manchester United is the football version of the Arab Spring.

Clubbing seals on the ice is barbaric. They would fare better in a Danish zoo than among the Inuit.

Yorkshire terriers are shady.