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Little monsters


Mr Carson asked for Secret Service for protection against CNBC and NBC debate moderators.

The majority of Republican candidates who would not want to face far right-wing moderators such as the three neanderthals (Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin): Jeb!, Rubio, Christie, Paul, Trump, and Kasich. Only Fiorina, Cruz, Carson, and Huckabee would welcome that scenario.

Media quatsch

David Gregory is reportedly out as host of NBC’s Meet the Press program. Mr Gregory’s problem is that he didn’t continue the shopworn, gotcha quote shtick made famous by his predecessor, Tim Russert. Also, Mr Gregory is inept at interviews.

The political pundit sphere is all a-twitter over Hillary Clinton’s criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy. The typical pseudo-conflict narrative has ensued. First, Ms Clinton was said to be “calibrating” away from Obama. Soon, such calibration was breathlessly cast as an open rift. Then unnamed sources were said to state that Ms Clinton wasn’t so vocally critical during her time as Secy of State. All of this makes for a month’s worth of click bait headlines. What is missing, however, is a critical assessment of Ms Clinton’s views on foreign policy. Were they right? Were they likely to work? Regarding Syria, why doesn’t a pundit ask a follow up question: How would Ms Clinton have attained military authorization from a dysfunctional, Tea Party riddled Congress? Could we have some substance occasionally, dear journalists?

According to Gawker, Buzzfeed deleted 4,000+ entries on its Pulitzer Prize winning website. Following so closely on the heels of the dismissal of “BuzzFeedBenny” (for “plagiarism”), it appears that questions of originality remain a problem for the list-making, content aggregator extraordinaire. When will journalism 2.0 types learn that content trumps distribution?

Mother Russia

Jay Leno was a blight on American television. The bar is set low for Mr Fallon.

Mr Leno played the role of Brutus to both Letterman and Conan.

Nada is the face of Pussy Riot whether the other women like it or not.

The opening ceremony at Sochi was brilliant. However, NBC’s coverage was marred by historical nonsense from David Remnick.

Mr Remnick did provide one laugh out loud moment: “Russia was isolated from the Enlightenment.”

The New York Times criticized the opening ceremony for whitewashing the terrible Soviet times. In contrast, I recall that US Olympic opening ceremonies in Los Angeles and Atlanta paid tribute to slavery, southern segregation, Indian Removal, etc.

When does the competition in mass arrests begin?