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She will

By rejecting an immigration cap, Switzerland remains one of the most civilized nations on earth.

Desperate times breed desperate acts, hence, the Black Friday scrums. At least people weren’t rolling around on the floor in hopes of drawing a red card.

According to the WWF, the “number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years.” And yet, the survival of the urban pigeon continues unabated.

In light of recent turmoil over pay raises, I say unto my brethren: In late capitalism, Dickensian pay packages are the norm for the labouring, academic classes.

No one lies when they swear on a bible.


I believe every animated film character should be voiced by James Earl Jones.

There should be a red card in boating.

Money doesn’t always buy elections. Just ask Sheldon Adelson about Mitt Romney. Or Karl Rove.

Arya Stark turns out to have a bit of Lannister in her.

Auch Mäuse mögen Cronuts. Das stimmt.