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Marie douceur, Marie colère

Street graffiti is indistinguishable from the more reputable DADA and surrealist manifestations, as well as abstract expressionism.

Wales has banned James Bond. I guess Wales don’t know who James Bond is or what he can do.


There was once a website “All Men Must Die,” maintained by the clever Shimrit Elisar. It was a humorous site. Men and women exchanged views on the site. Ms Elisar was featured in Wired.

Men themselves have exhibited more misandry than feminism ever could.

#notallmen, bro.

Born to be bad

Mr Belichick affirms the old adage: if his lips are moving, he’s lying.

That the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee has been compelled to ask Mr Eastwood and Mr Cooper to intervene in the wake of the rise of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim threats says all that needs to be said about the degraded state of the Americans’ political culture.

After the demise of the historical avant-garde (DADA, surrealism), art no longer has the capacity to shock. Hence, irony has ascended as the predominant, adversarial aesthetic form, which also stands opposed to “schlock” (e.g., Pussy Riot), the kitschification of shock.

I hope Mark Cousins’ “6 Desires: DH Lawrence & Sardinia” includes the exquisite von Richthofen sisters.