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Great divide: revisited

That smug MAGAboy could be your son or your brother. It could be Squi.

New video footage of the MAGAmob looks like a trailer for a Lord of the Flies remake.

The harassment of the Native American gent counts as community service or “civic engagement” for Catholic school kids.

The MAGAboy hired a PR firm, which skillfully employed the MAGA play book: deny, expand attack, blame media, repeat.

Swastika, Klan 700 tc bed sheet, and MAGAcap: emblems of conservative thought.

Pence and Mother are dump truck Christians (i.e., what’s left of Christianity after one dumps all the morality out of it).

What a terrible mob lawyer Giuliani is.

Kamala Harris declared her candidacy for POTUS. It will be interesting to see how Berniebros play this. With Clinton, they fell back on misogyny. With Harris, will they dare use race? How far will they go for the sake of Sanders’ “revolution”?

RE the Sorkin-AOC kerfuffle: responding to every criticism is something a young person would do.

Es war leider Quatsch

Covington, Kentucky is where humanity goes to die.

Down in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with an Uzbek girl – DJT

Trump touted wall building in San Antonio.

Trump’s “big announcement” was met with Democratic crickets. Offering to give back what one has taken away (DACA) is hardly an incentive for potential Quislings.

More bad news for the POTUS: he’s already lost the dummy demographic. Now ex-cons are abandoning him. However, maquereaus are still in his corner.

BuzzFeed is back in the news again, for all the wrong reasons again. It is a reckoning of sorts for online news outfits. Stick with WaPo and NYT for real reporting.

Government is shutdown, federal workers are going to food banks. It’s just like living in Putin’s Russia.