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Trouble and strife

DDoS attacks are so twentieth century. Peasants with cyber pitchforks.

The ugly shoe aesthetic has been around for a long time: see earth shoes, birkenstocks, espadrilles, crocs, and trainers.

The problem when one wages a protest via signage: anyone can make a pithy sign.

Chuck Todd is still waiting for Chuck Hagel to drop out of the running for Secy of Defense.

I can understand how some people didn’t want the dirty robes of the Catholic Church aired on such a popular program, fronted by a congenial host. But historically, the Church had its moment in the sun (so to speak) vis-a-vis Galileo et al.; fortunately, that moment ended. I doubt subsequent episodes, for historical reasons, will have any reason to mention Bruno Giordano, the Inquisition, or the matter of heresy again. That doesn’t mean a vocal few won’t denounce the entire series based on one episode. That is their right.