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‘A candidate is being beaten’

Talk of uncertainty in an era without bubonic plague is a bit much. Uncertainty is surely a relative thing.

It is more likely the case that it’s never been a better time to be bourgeois or bohemian, social formations that thrive on uncertainty and change. The notion that “everything that is solid melts into air” (Marx) expresses the historical condition of possibility for both.


Mr Clinton punctured the caricature of Ms Clinton that Fox News Republicans and the Berniebros cling to like a favorite childhood blanket. He laid out the choice clearly: one can either choose reality or infantile phantasies.

My guess is Mr Sanders would like to walk back the “Goldman Sachs speeches” gambit. It was a moment of desperation and weakness in his otherwise highbrow campaign.

Sing about the good things

People who last week were defending Charlie Hebdo are this week pillorying Ms Cho.

We’ve reached peak milk. Kühe können sicher weiden.

Astrology is bunk. Numerology, however …

As an American, I’ve never understood why Mr Blair isn’t treated as the Labour Party’s Bill Clinton. Instead, he appears to be viewed as Labour’s G W Bush.


Respondent: I wonder what Thomas More would have made of all of this.

Me: He would have lost his head.