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Warm, in your coat

Some people say that Ivanka Trump is complicit. But I think once she’s under oath, she’ll spill the beans. She won’t want to face a perjury charge and wind up in an “Orange Is the New Black” situation.

Sean Spicer works for “President Trump.”

Like Romans on the eve of the Dark Ages, this is the last chance for Britons to experience the cultural achievements of Western civilization. Before Brexit kicks in.

A forward-thinking entrepreneur will create an app for “Brexit brides.”

Genau jetzt

Can the US be granted a restraining order against Trump?

Theresa May’s bridge to America turned out to be a sewage canal.

Appeasers are not treated kindly by history.

Who knew tiny Australia would be the first government to punch the orange cuckold in the face.

To the rest of the world not called the UK: courage!

“The Authoritarian Personality” is another book to revisit vis-a-vis the rise of Trumpism.

Ms Conway has the touch of the poison dwarf.


Mr Corbyn functioned as his own political gravedigger by taking Benn’s bait.

Today’s no confidence vote (172-40 against Corbyn) is Labour’s Red Wedding. Mr Corbyn’s support has been reduced to the far left rump of the Party plus union bureaucrats.

At best, he’s a leader on paper only after this legitimacy crushing no confidence vote, no matter what the £3 cadres do in a leadership contest.

The Pictish reaction to the EU has diminished the UK.


Brexit was a political gambit by Mr Cameron to head off a challenge from the right by UKip/Fearage in the parliamentary election last year. He had to reverse course in a last ditch effort to stave off a disaster that would be an entirely Tory manufactured own goal. Now he’s out of a job.

Plebiscitary democracy has an ignoble history. Brexit is the latest chapter in that history.

Plebiscites are notoriously poor vehicles for democratic decision making and one doesn’t even have to resort to Godwinian references to find examples:

California’s Proposition 13 (1978)
California’s Proposition 209 (1996)
California’s Proposition 8 (2008)

The lot of the working class would still be miserable post-Brexit. Then who would they blame?

The problem for the poor is that the elite wind up winning anyway, no matter what the outcome is/was.

A Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal might be necessary given the extreme propaganda of the Brexiteers.

Once Scotland and Northern Ireland leave, it will be Tiny England.

Brexit remorse has already overcome the leading Leavetariat.

Nicola Sturgeon is the big winner. The fact that she’ll parlay Brexit into a second Scottish referendum makes her the most savvy politician in the UK.

The silver lining for Labour is that Mr Corbyn’s incompetent performance makes him more cullable than ever.

Born to be sad

A Republican Senator is outraged that Facebook filters political items. Today’s emocons are quick to embrace the victim role.

Congressional Republicans are said to be united with Mr Trump. There’s always unity in clown alley. Until someone slips on a banana peel. Then a circus breaks out.

Chicago’s Midway is a terrible airport, one of the most terrifying at which to land.

Eurovision 2016 is the biggest day for popular song in history.

The recent elections in the UK show there is no Corbyn in England’s dreaming.

What’s possible is that Mr Corbyn will turn Labour into a permanent opposition Party. The Corbynards fail to realise that politics is not like F1 (i.e., there’s no podium) or the Olympics (i.e., there are no silver and bronze medals). Politics is about winning.


South Carolina Primary:

Mr Trump is back in his role as lead clown. Jeb! and Kasich are political roadkill for the Republican pitchforks.

Jeb! shed his spectacles (to no avail) because the pitchforks are opposed to any sign of intellectualism. As for frames advice, however, won’t can’t go wrong with Superdry Depp or Mykita Falk.

This could be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, which rose from the ashes of the Whig Party in 1854 (The “Know Nothings” were the xenophobic rump of the former Whigs, the more rational of whom [Lincoln et al.] formed the Republican Party). The Tea Party Trumpezoids would be the Know Nothings of today, especially given the inevitable defeat of Mr Trump in November 2016. The only options for his disappointed followers would be (1) emigration, (2) a humiliating crawl back into the Republican Party fold, or (3) armed insurrection (ala the Bundy bandits). On the other hand, the Republican Party could cease to exist as more than a Congressional Party (i.e., a Party of elected officials) if it is unable to serve as a receptacle for disconsolate conservative discontent.



Europe saved England twice from barbarism (1066 and 1688). Brexit is no way to repay that debt.

Time table

It may be time to take firearms away from police officers. Then such incidents won’t happen.

What does it say about the UK when its ruling political party officially takes a position on human rights that aligns it with Putin?

Jean-Claude Duvalier surely had the worst nickname of any dictator.

Fortunately, civilization is stronger than Senator Ted Cruz. It has survived worse.

Thanks to Victoria, it’s always gin o’clock somewhere in the world.