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Blue tears

Arkansas is moving to ban books by Howard Zinn from public schools. I thought Arkansas schools only used the Bible.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is in hot water for lying about meeting with a Russian ambassador. He’s vulnerable when not wearing his Klan regalia.

All The President of Russia’s Men.

Some say Sessions should be locked up. Exile in Siberia would be more apt.

Some say Trump’s Russian is more coherent than his English. In English he says Sessions didn’t say anything wrong and that Democrats are engaged in a witch hunt.

Too bad Sessions rode in on Baba Yaga’s broomstick.

The lights

Trump’s deplorables have been radicalized by Breitbart, Fox News, and extremist Christian academies.

Weak willed people are susceptible to the propaganda of a strongman like Trump. One sees the same phenomenon in Turkey and Russia.

Trump supporters are precisely the sort that “founders” like Hamilton and Madison worried about.

Worse yet, the Republican Party is acting as a fifth column.

The first act of Trump’s presidency is likely unconstitutional. It won’t be the last time this happens. The courts are the only thing that stand between democracy and dictatorship.

Democratic convention, Act 3


(Image: New York Magazine)

Before it begins:

It’s nice of the Republican’s “law and order” nominee to reveal the Putin-Snowden-Assange-Trump axis. However, he can expect a visit from the FBI.

Mr Trump has said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. Now he’s saying he can suborn espionage from a foreign government and get away with it.

Many of Mr Trump’s supporters share his bromance with the Russian strongman.

Mr Assange may have given the UK government a legitimate legal reason to extradite him to the US.

Well played, Jules.


The VPOTUS states the obvious that Mr Trump has no clue.

He closes with “We’re America!” Riveting!

Mr Bloomberg just locked down independent voters for Ms Clinton by suggesting Mr Trump is incompetent and possibly insane. Harsh words from one billionaire to another.

Tim Kaine speaks in Spanish. Mr Trump tweets in support of his deportation.

The POTUS calls Mr Trump a home-grown demagogue.

Mic drop.

POTUS and Clinton embrace.

It’s over.

Prima Donald

It’s OK to be an indie person.

One person’s turncoat is another person’s realist.

Bond villains are always kitschy. They are not winning roles for any actor.

There have been no Russian incursions of Turkey’s sovereign airspace since its plane was downed.

There’s a difference between Republicans and Americans.

The perfect picture of American conservatism: armed and treasonous.

Two tribes

Putin versus Erdogan. Two dictators having a spat is not a pretty sight.

As the Diego Costa of international relations, Mr Putin faces the problem of a lack of credibility when he cries wolf.

As the kids say, “sh*t just got real” for Russia’s Eternal President.

I’m no friend of Erdogan (who himself is a very bad actor), but Mr Putin was warned about violating Turkey’s airspace (I believe when Russia’s model airplane/drone was shot down a few months ago). Now, he’s been taught a harsh lesson in the meaning of respect for the sovereignty of other nations, something he’s wilfully ignored in Ukraine.

It’s ironic to hear the Black Hand of Donetsk use the language of “stab in the back.” All of this could have been avoided if Mr Putin had respected the international law of sovereignty.

US versus Syrian refugees. Caterwauling emocons are afraid of their own shadows.

Là où je suis née

Japan has had Russian self-esteem in an arm bar since 1905.

Twitter is primarily a platform for the professional outragetariat. Unless, the execs can figure out a way to monetize daily outrage (ala Fox News), the enterprise is doomed from a financial standpoint.

Stephen Harper has become the face of the “ugly Canadian,” surpassing even Justin Bieber.

Big hair, big talk, and big guns. The Panthers were quintessentially American.


Japan defeated Russia in 1904-1905, which was the beginning of Russia’s modern inferiority complex.

Russia wouldn’t be Russia if it didn’t blame someone else for its failures.

Whenever the Kremlin press labels any critic of Mr Putin a “fascist,” remember that this was also a risible tactic of the old CCCP (I wish Mr Putin would update the CCCP counter-intel play book).

In the good old days, Komsomol published a list of problematic bands. Here are first 20 bands listed and their crimes (c/o Open Culture):

Sex Pistols: punk, violence
B-52s: punk, violence
Madness: punk, violence
Clash: punk, violence
Stranglers: punk, violence
Kiss: neofascism, punk, violence
Crocus: violence, cult of strong personality
Styx: violence, vandalism
Iron Maiden: violence, religious obscuritanism
Judas Priest: anticommunism, racism
AC/DC: neofascism, violence
Sparks: neofascism, racism
Black Sabbath: violence, religious obscuritanism
Alice Cooper: violence, vandalism
Nazareth: violence, religious mysticism
Scorpions: violence
Gengis Khan: anticommunism, nationalism
UFO: violence
Pink Floyd (1983): distortion of Soviet foreign policy (“Soviet agression in Afghanistan”)***
Talking Heads: myth of the Soviet military threat

Fortunately, only Kiss, AC/DC, and Sparks were labeled “neo-fascist.”