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Les oubliettes

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Senator Jim Inhofe is in line to become chairperson of the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. This is like putting a pyromaniac in charge of a fire department.

Japan can always be counted on to produce top class pop like Babymetal.

Mr Dawkins could crush Mr Wilson with his six pack, hardly a fair fight.

Is the Laughing Referee anything like the Jealous Potter?

Blood moon

Berlusconi sentenced to community service: the Italian Justice system bungas it.

Eastern Europe hasn’t had a decent land battle in decades. This is Mr Putin’s chance to claim the mantle of Alexander Nevsky.

Angus Young wearing schoolboy pants onstage at age 59 would be an absolute parody of a parody. Even Jimmy Page ditched his white satin, dragon-embroidered jumpsuit a long time ago in exchange for much classier togs.

Back in the day, the Blackstone Rangers were solid.

As far as Republican Party heroes go, Mr Bundy would be a slight improvement on David Koresh, Randy Weaver, and the Missouri State Fair rodeo clown.