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Wrap your troubles in dreams

We are pretty familiar with this story: A perfectly sensible if slightly boring idea is walking down the street. Suddenly, the ideological circus descends, burying the sensible idea in hysterical claims and fevered accusations. The idea’s political backers beat a craven retreat. The idea dies.

This is what seems to be happening to the Common Core education standards, which are being attacked on the right because they are common and on the left because they are core.

Finally, a sensible column from David Brooks.

Men and women tick the same. We all want free wifi; a quality, artisanally poured latte; and the latest Carsick Cars album (on vinyl).

Hiding pot from kids works no better than hiding sex from them. Eventually, they figure out you’ve done it (at least once).

Religion is the bane of politics.

Benghazi is a distraction from the Bundy Ranch.

Over & over

It takes a long time for the paranoid style to reach its final conclusion.

It is hard to believe only one person is qualified for the Fed chair.

David Brooks merely exhibits the pundit’s survival mechanism: grab the most superficial gloss of the moment and ride it.

Twenty years ago “Smithies in pearls” was written in chalk on Smith College campus sidewalks in support of an oppressed minority.

Cities in dust

Imagine the responsibility of the last living human on earth. How will she pass on knowledge of Stonehenge to a future that will never be?

We are not free to think free will freely.

Free will: a metaphysical idea, the bondsman of the ineffable.

Moments, not monuments.

David Brooks drowns when he wades two feet deep into social science.

The value of family values is purely instrumental.