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Summer breeze

As far as independence movements go, the Scottish independence movement is incompetent.

The POTUS just unleashed the hounds of war.

Despite the treachery around Nigella Lawson, the job of servant has been rehabilitated through costume dramas like Downton Abbey.

Cue “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction for Ms Kirchner.

Coincidence that Mr Snowden was granted an extended stay just after Russian hackers took down billions of passwords.

Low life

USA sets up “Cuban Twitter” for counter intel purposes. Clever. Millions of instagram photos of cats are enough to topple the mightiest world power.

After Carson, David Letterman is greatest American talk show host.

The treatment of Nigella Lawson by the US Department of Homeland Security threatens to fracture the special relationship of the US and UK.

When did the Church of England begin the practice of ordaining clowns?

Princess Anne has a hankering for the Great War, apparently.

I recall DJs on a rock radio station in Boston crucifying Kurt Cobain for committing suicide.

Lois Lerner is a distraction from Benghazi.

By design

Death to comic sans.

Frakturtyp keeps the rabble out.

Nigella Lawson’s superstar is brighter than ever. The nasty servants only elevated her in the public’s eye.

It’s sad to see that Steve McQueen is turning into Tyler Perry.

Critics find anything boring when they can’t turn it into a fake controversy. Boring is the death of journalism.