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Metall auf metall

To paraphrase Kant: English is the language of commerce; German, the language of philosophy; French, the language of poetry.

MDMA is making a comeback. It’s safe to bring out your pacifier and glow sticks.

The most dangerous drug is monotheism.

It’s no surprise that Mr Trump stiffed the Veterans, got caught, and was forced to pony up.

The law & order, family values Republican Party is throwing its support behind a twice divorced harlequin, who is also a grifter and a cheat.

We are not even close to peak Bond watch. It’s time for a non-binary Bond.

Star power

It’s not real outrage until Twitter is outraged.

Based on new archaeological research, it has been discovered that Pussy Galore of the 007 film was a lesbian.

What about Xenia Onatopp? Was she really Onabottom?

Plenty O’Toole would be an apt name for Bond’s male lover (if he were to ever have one).

Why do people mask themselves with the image of a violent Catholic Monarchist? Guy Fawkes is a curious idol for anarchists.

Mr Tarantino is correct to never back down to bullies wearing badges or carrying microphones.

21st Century Fox has gutted National Geographic. It will become another tabloid for Old Rupe to hand over to the redhead.

Marie douceur, Marie colère

Street graffiti is indistinguishable from the more reputable DADA and surrealist manifestations, as well as abstract expressionism.

Wales has banned James Bond. I guess Wales don’t know who James Bond is or what he can do.


There was once a website “All Men Must Die,” maintained by the clever Shimrit Elisar. It was a humorous site. Men and women exchanged views on the site. Ms Elisar was featured in Wired.

Men themselves have exhibited more misandry than feminism ever could.

#notallmen, bro.