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D. C. B. A.-25

Bernie stans are laughable caricatures.

MAGAts are simply debased human beings.

Neoliberalism will prevail because today’s national populists are largely stupid and violent, more prone to turn on each other than on whatever conspiratorial enemy of the moment that is their fixation.

Bern’s net worth is the least of his problems.

The Devil is more likely to answer Franklin Graham’s prayers.

At least Meghan McCain is open in her defense of the only thing that gives her a platform: her last name. Without this last name, she would be nothing.

It’s hard to get worked up about rich people on a deadly thrill climb.

Party out of bounds


As news meanders across the political media universe that Jeb Bush’s email dump revealed sensitive personal information about 12,000 people, raising the spectre of another incompetent Bush in the White House, one wonders how he would be able to navigate a successful primary run for the Republican nomination. The Republican Party is not a single entity but rather an unappetizing ragout of functionally incompatible factions:

1. A tiny rump of reasonably rational Republicans, the so-called Establishment which caters to Wall Street and maintains a respectable 10 handicap.

2. A Tea Party faction that is the driving force in Republican political psychology. The Tea Party has several wings:

(a) a wacky libertarian wing (e.g., Rand Paul) comprised of Isolationists, Anti-Vaxxers, the Gun Lobby, and Gold Bugs.

(b) a social conservative, religious wing (Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin) that is  obsessed about addicted to talking about gay sex.

(c) a bandit wing (e.g., Cliven Bundy, paranoid militias and survivalists living in fortified bunkers, White Supremacists in Idaho) that is ready to engage in the violent overthrow of the US government.

(d) a classic poujadist wing comprised of people who want free services from government but don’t want to pay taxes.

3. A “Bomb Iran” caucus (e.g., John McCain and Lindsay Graham), which sometimes overlaps with the “Bomb Moscow, But Make Putin Our Presidential Nominee First” caucus (e.g., John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Franklin Graham, Steven Seagal, etc.), and the “Bomb Everyone We Dislike to Show We’re Manly Men” caucus (e.g., John McCain and Lindsay Graham).

2016 may not be the year for another RINO, which is the tag of death for a moderate Republican like Mr Bush.

All the old dudes

When glam hit 40 it turned glum.

It’s doubtful people waited for bad weather before hitting upon the idea of god(s). I wonder why these scholars didn’t bothered to familiarize themselves with Freud’s Totem and Taboo or even Durkheim’s The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. One finds animistic thought among well-fed and housed children.

Oliver Stone has cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in a new biopic. It’s unfortunate that Gérard Depardieu is too massive to portray Mr Putin convincingly. However, Viktor Yanukovych, Steven Seagal and Franklin Graham can play themselves.

It’s no surprise that corporations are upset with the new executive branch recommendations to the FCC concerning “net neutrality.” Such “legal persons” never willingly submit to democratic oversight. However, the chutzpah of cable companies offering a range of crappy (and expensive) services is astonishing.

Sorry angel

Where is the American Gandhi?

Remember when Franklin Graham, Ron Paul, and Steven Seagal locked arms with Mr Putin? (March 2014)

Williamsburg has lost the “It” factor.

Thomas Pikkety’s Capital is the critical hipsters’ top choice so far for book of 2014. I’ll go with Howard Eiland and Michael Jennings’ Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life as a solid second.

There’s no good reason to ship artistic treasures around the world.

Another billionaire speaks (Carlos Slim). A world turns a deaf ear (wisely).

Will anything happen?

Edward Snowden, Franklin Graham, Ron Paul, and Steven Seagal are standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr Putin, a clear victory for Russia.

Take pity on bar staff. Dealing with alcoholics every night can’t be fun or rewarding.

The ark in the new Noah biopic looks large enough to house a few dinosaurs.

Since WWII, the only good things in life have come from California, particularly the California lifestyle.

The California earthquakes are a distraction from Benghazi.