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What do the simple folk do

Doctrine is faith for doctrinaire people.

The patriotic Russian economy has been reduced to rubble under the strong leadership of Mr Putin, who blames “foreign interests” for the collapse of his Potemkin Republic of Donetsk.

Oddly, the Cambridges did not visit the Chip Shop during their trip to Brooklyn.

Booing Arsene Wenger is like booing Father Christmas/Santa Claus.

King contrary man

In Mother Russia, tanks are humanitarian aid.

Russian Uruk-hai have entered Ukraine. Again. Mr Putin is auditioning for a lengthy appearance at The Hague.

I feel I’ve watched enough episodes of Derrick, Luther, and Law and Order to solve crimes from the vantage point of my laptop.

Clive Davis was Simon Cowell before there was a Simon Cowell.

Janis Joplin allegedly offer to sleep with Clive Davis. No wonder Janis sang the blues.

Your funeral my trial

Sergey Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister): No proof given for Western allegations about fish in the ocean.

Nick Cave has carried on the tradition of Baudelaire and Serge Gainsbourg quite capably.

Junkies are preferable to coke heads.

… the beauty of academic research, which knows that what the eye “confirms” is often false. Hence, the critical difference between amateur and professional archaeology, and, for that matter, between academia and journalism.

The same male libertarians who decry the NSA are quickly downloading hacked naked celeb pics.

Baba Yaga

Mr Putin should avoid WWII references because he may come out on the short end of them.

Russia has never overcome its inferiority complex dating from 1905, when Japan treated its Imperial forces like bad sushi.

Diplomatic situation has deteriorated so much for Mr Putin that Mr Assad has offered to help the West defeat the criminal rebels in Ukraine.

At least the last Tsar had Rasputin as a sounding board. Mr Putin’s mirror serves as his privy council.

We probably should have known Mr Putin had lost contact with political reality when, after a show trial, he jailed those naive pop singers.

There’s a moon in the sky

The only question is why did the rebels shoot down a civilian plane? Incompetence? Savagery? Both?

Putin’s Lockerbie.

Populism typically takes a conservative and violent turn.

The creation of an EDM club scene is a good way to entice the ironic generation to visit Vegas. The tagline of the Cosmopolitan Hotel (“just the right amount of wrong”) did the trick for me.


A Pew Research poll shows “Hispanics” are leaving the Catholic Church of America. According to Sister Mary Ann Walsh,

Everyone, including Hispanics, and especially young ones, can fall prey to what has become a new American problem, religious relativism, where, perhaps inspired by exciting music or a rousing preacher, you move from your parents’ church to another to no church at all […] It is scary to consider that religious relativism may be the greatest threat that exists to the increasingly important Hispanic Catholic community.

If all it takes is a rousing preacher or exciting music to turn young people away from the Church, or to fall into the clutches of religious relativism, then Catholicism doesn’t have much of a future in the USA.

Who knew Obama’s shrug could make Putin blink.

The Clintons are to Maureen Dowd what a dry martini is to Peggy Noonan.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is a distraction from Benghazi.

Blood moon

Berlusconi sentenced to community service: the Italian Justice system bungas it.

Eastern Europe hasn’t had a decent land battle in decades. This is Mr Putin’s chance to claim the mantle of Alexander Nevsky.

Angus Young wearing schoolboy pants onstage at age 59 would be an absolute parody of a parody. Even Jimmy Page ditched his white satin, dragon-embroidered jumpsuit a long time ago in exchange for much classier togs.

Back in the day, the Blackstone Rangers were solid.

As far as Republican Party heroes go, Mr Bundy would be a slight improvement on David Koresh, Randy Weaver, and the Missouri State Fair rodeo clown.