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How many more times

Seumas Milne wrote a refreshing column about the conflict in the Ukraine. Mr Milne usually blames all conflict on the use of drones. As one of Putin’s allies, Mr Snowden, like Mr Milne, would undoubtedly agree about the attractiveness of a grasping Russian neo-Empire.

Crimea is small potatoes, which shows the desperation of the creaky Russian Bear.

Putin is the model of a Chris Christie presidency.

The “Vicar of Christ” opposes idealisation.

It will be fun to watch the media spin out numerous “narratives” on Bill de Blasio’s approval %. The role of the journalist is to supply several narratives, even if contradictory and preferably on the basis of interviews with “unnamed sources.”

Will Glenn Greenwald’s new media empire become the TMZ of the Libertarian International?

Congressperson Michele Bachmann scolded “the Jews” for selling out Israel (i.e., by voting for Obama). She doesn’t understand that the Rapture is just a distraction from Benghazi.

Homage to Crimea

Opium dens, absinthe: the Victorian Age had its benefits.

The photo of the Orthodox Patriarchs standing in front of military forces looks like an outtake from the film Kingdom of Heaven.

Florence Nightingale did her best work during the Crimean War.

Conservative Christians in the Republican Party may not be all that opposed to Putin.

Predictably, sore losers in the Republican Party seek to gain domestic political advantages from an international crisis.

Far away eyes

There are fewer cats on the internet today than at any time in history.

Arizona is a great advertisement. For the nineteenth century.

Mississippi is known as the Jurassic State.

The Paris Review wants a minimum of $600 USD for the pleasure of spending an evening in the company of Martin Amis, Charlotte Rampling, and Zadie Smith.

It’s time for armed women to step up and seize something in Crimea.