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I’d like to believe it is possible to oppose military intervention in Syria and for that opposition to be grounded in arguments that are based in reality. One either believes the evidence and agrees with the mission or one doesn’t. The rest is emotional detritus. We can spend decades litigating US foreign policy. I happen to think the use of chemical weapons has to be addressed.

The quality of the debate would be elevated if US journalists would take the matter seriously rather than merely calculating the odds of domestic political gain and loss. At this point, they’ve shown themselves to be a rather sad lot. It’s as if sports journalism has taken over the front page.

Is Žižek’s jouissance our own?

Something like this happened in The Wire.

The Apple model will be design forward. This looks like a clunky Swatch knock off.

Whenever I see a Glenn Greenwald piece, I think of Geraldo Rivera.


Congress asked for an authorization vote. Now its dysfunction will come into plain view.

The debate in Congress will be fascinating. In the Senate, the Tea Party/Libertarian faction (Cruz, Paul, Lee) faces off against the Establishment Hawks (McCain, Graham, McConnell). In the House, the Tea Party/Rodeo Clown faction faces off against reality.

Charles Rangel suffers from political dementia.

Oddly, this commentary brushes off the significance of the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons. Presumably, old scores that need to be settled against “Empire” are more pressing.