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Corners of your mind

Trump says he’s transparent.

If transparent means openly corrupt, then yes.

If transparent means clearly insane, then yes.

10,000 bleats and tweets from AOC won’t do to Trump what Pelosi did today.

Pelosi also treated Kellyanne Conway as The Help.

Ben Carson doesn’t know REO Speedwagon.

Eminem was one of the first to turn on Moby, long before the professional outragetariat found him to be a monster today.

People question Bernie Sanders’ hair, but hair is always tousled because he just arrived from marching with Dr King.

Socialism: a nineteenth-century ideology premised, like capitalism, on a fossil fuel based economy.

Low culture

Piers Morgan has made a seamless transition from CNN to The Daily Mail.

There’s nothing sadder than a 40 year old, attention-seeking rapper (Eminem).

Most sandwich innovation these days comes from America.

Geri Halliwell is a suitable replacement for Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing.

Another criticism of a fictional story for failing to be an accurate reflection of reality.