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Japan defeated Russia in 1904-1905, which was the beginning of Russia’s modern inferiority complex.

Russia wouldn’t be Russia if it didn’t blame someone else for its failures.

Whenever the Kremlin press labels any critic of Mr Putin a “fascist,” remember that this was also a risible tactic of the old CCCP (I wish Mr Putin would update the CCCP counter-intel play book).

In the good old days, Komsomol published a list of problematic bands. Here are first 20 bands listed and their crimes (c/o Open Culture):

Sex Pistols: punk, violence
B-52s: punk, violence
Madness: punk, violence
Clash: punk, violence
Stranglers: punk, violence
Kiss: neofascism, punk, violence
Crocus: violence, cult of strong personality
Styx: violence, vandalism
Iron Maiden: violence, religious obscuritanism
Judas Priest: anticommunism, racism
AC/DC: neofascism, violence
Sparks: neofascism, racism
Black Sabbath: violence, religious obscuritanism
Alice Cooper: violence, vandalism
Nazareth: violence, religious mysticism
Scorpions: violence
Gengis Khan: anticommunism, nationalism
UFO: violence
Pink Floyd (1983): distortion of Soviet foreign policy (“Soviet agression in Afghanistan”)***
Talking Heads: myth of the Soviet military threat

Fortunately, only Kiss, AC/DC, and Sparks were labeled “neo-fascist.”