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José Mourinho moves on the touchline with the passion of a Bedlam inmate.

The ManU unfaithful booed Fellaini. They’ve booed Wayne Rooney, the talisman.

When Pogba missed the early sitter, I anticipated Schadenfreude at the end. Instead, Spurs traditional swoon has already begun.

When Spurs struggle, they lash out physically.

Jürgen Klopp deserved better (against West Ham). But the outcome favours the Arsenal.

The laughable MLS Cup was not a strong advertisement for the struggling league.

Dolus eventualis

It appears Star Wars is the latest celebrity weight loss program.

Anti-science Republicans won’t fund scientific research unless it is aimed a proving the validity of biblical prophecies.

Je Suis Johnny Football. #FreeJohnnyFootball.

Mr Vardy has replaced Mr Kane (who replaced Mr Rooney) as the talisman of English football.

Herr Klopp’s inevitable success at LFC is a welcome respite from the ugliness surrounding Mr Mourinho and fiends.

Clear my head

David Vitter was already damaged goods because of his plaçage arrangement.

Mr (John Bel) Edwards sounds like a political neanderthal, but he’s still a better choice than Mr Brothel.

I should really check my homo sapiens privilege.

Mr Corbyn has become the José Mourinho of Labour.

After losing 4-0 against Barca, the power of CR7 will fade. He must depart into the West, to the LA Galaxy, or dwindle to a short pants popinjay, slowly to forget and to be forgotten.


Mr Carson is grainy on the facts.

Privacy never existed.

Leicester City was a hipster’s choice club until it moved into the top four.

David Moyes and José Mourinho are about equal in their ability to produce Schadenfreude Saturdays.

Amexgate (Marco Rubio) looks like criminal activity. I suppose no Florida prosecutor has an interest in pressing charges.

Boxing and biblical art

The Museum of Biblical Art in NYC is closing. I saw an excellent exhibit of Dürer woodcuts there a few years ago. I had trepidation about entering the museum; the “biblical” in its name put me off. Perhaps it was also because the museum is housed in a building owned by the American Bible Society. I was pleasantly surprised that no proselytizing took place. However, when one sees a painting depicting the sacrifice of Isaac, or a myriad of bloody crucifixion scenes, the madness of monotheism becomes overwhelming oppressive, no matter how well the religious themes are aesthetically rendered.


Boxing was on life-support long before Floyd Moneyweather mastered a style of fighting that can only make the likes of José Mourinho take interest. The attraction of the video game bloodsport (MMA) has captured the spirit of barbarism among millennials. But even it is riddled with PEDs and criminal violence among its iconic figures. Soon, all bloodsport will be consigned, like fox hunting, to the dustbin of cultural history.