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Send in the clown

History was made, albeit history of the worst sort. The revenge of the cognitive underclass has carried Mr Trump to 1600 Penn Avenue. Lured by the promise of a return to the 1950s world when a high school diploma made one King, when men were real men and women knew their place, and when rural hamlets were protected from global events, they turned out in droves to elect a man with no actual plan to bring back the good old days. Will their lives be improved practically after four years of a Trump presidency: unlikely. However, they will be fulfilled by their cultural ressentiment for everything that does not stare back at them when they look into the mirror.

The day after tomorrow

Unless there’s some untapped “vote” out there that hasn’t been polled, and if the Clinton machine turns out the vote, electoral demographics (the “Obama coalition”) are all in Ms Clinton’s favor. That’s what I tell myself to ward off bad dreams.

The “rigged media” has played it all wrong. After offering Mr Trump a free platform for twelve months with no investigative push back, it swung in the opposite direction of fact-checking every period and semicolon in his syntax-challenged utterances, which only continues to give Trump a free platform. If the media were truly rigged against him, it would not cover him at all (apart from Fox News). But, alas, he’s too good for ratings in a culture addicted to outrage.

Black No. 1

Mr Assange is releasing the emails as soon as he receives them from the Russians.

People were never lonely before neoliberalism.

One can carbon date the beginning of neoliberalism precisely: the recording of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”

Brexit is the sound of wealth leaving the UK.

The poverty of sovereignty.

Schadenfreude is never wrong.

Les Déplorables

The cultural ressentiment of Trump supporters over their miserable lives is expressed through xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. Mr Trump has effectively assuaged their anger through symbolic violence — and sometimes physical violence — against latinos, blacks, and women.

Mr Trump attracts the support of white lumpens, the homeschooled, the reality TV-addicted, gun nuts, Confederate traitors, meth lab operators, oxycontin peddlers, and organised racists (Klansmen, Tea Partysans, Birthers Inc., etc.) and misogynists (Alt-Right provocateurs).

In olden days Trump supporters would have feared finding a black in their workplace, their bed, or their family tree. Today, they fear a Mexican mowing their lawn, bussing their table, or cheering El Tri against the USMNT in the Rose Bowl.

Democratic convention, Act 3


(Image: New York Magazine)

Before it begins:

It’s nice of the Republican’s “law and order” nominee to reveal the Putin-Snowden-Assange-Trump axis. However, he can expect a visit from the FBI.

Mr Trump has said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. Now he’s saying he can suborn espionage from a foreign government and get away with it.

Many of Mr Trump’s supporters share his bromance with the Russian strongman.

Mr Assange may have given the UK government a legitimate legal reason to extradite him to the US.

Well played, Jules.


The VPOTUS states the obvious that Mr Trump has no clue.

He closes with “We’re America!” Riveting!

Mr Bloomberg just locked down independent voters for Ms Clinton by suggesting Mr Trump is incompetent and possibly insane. Harsh words from one billionaire to another.

Tim Kaine speaks in Spanish. Mr Trump tweets in support of his deportation.

The POTUS calls Mr Trump a home-grown demagogue.

Mic drop.

POTUS and Clinton embrace.

It’s over.

‘A candidate is being beaten’

Talk of uncertainty in an era without bubonic plague is a bit much. Uncertainty is surely a relative thing.

It is more likely the case that it’s never been a better time to be bourgeois or bohemian, social formations that thrive on uncertainty and change. The notion that “everything that is solid melts into air” (Marx) expresses the historical condition of possibility for both.


Mr Clinton punctured the caricature of Ms Clinton that Fox News Republicans and the Berniebros cling to like a favorite childhood blanket. He laid out the choice clearly: one can either choose reality or infantile phantasies.

My guess is Mr Sanders would like to walk back the “Goldman Sachs speeches” gambit. It was a moment of desperation and weakness in his otherwise highbrow campaign.

Democratic convention, Act 2


Roll call.

Utah, the beehive hairdo state! …

History made: Ms Clinton is the nominee, Mr Sanders departs the stage gracefully.

Cecile Richards’ appearance at the convention is a giant middle finger to Carly Fiorina and Fox News, and the Colorado Springs mass murderer who was inspired by both.

Lena Dunham and America Ferrara deal themselves in.

As this goes on, Berniebros are holding a cry-in at the media tents.

A Queens congressperson accuses Mr Trump of being a real life Bobby Axelrod (of Billions).

Howard Dean reenacts “The Scream” and appears tame compared to Mr Trump.

Bill Clinton spins an effective yarn, at odds with the meta-narrative of Mr Trump and Berniebros.

Glass ceiling smashed.

It’s over.