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One hundred quintillion years from now, the earth will die: the decay of its gravitational orbit or the massive size of the sun will bring about the collision of the two. No worries, however, because just 2.8 billion years from now, all life as we know it will already be dead. Perhaps de-creationism will be in vogue in the not too distant future.

Latent and manifest

Concerning intellectual fashion:

Should academics really worry about how they look? Some, it seems, plainly don’t, but a colleague told me it probably takes her as long to decide what to wear to project her “I don’t care” look, as it does others who dress to impress. This, possibly, does mark a gender split. Men can just put on the same clothes every day until the trousers run away on their own in protest when you try to pick them up off the floor.

If one teaches in Paris, London, or New York City, the standards for academic attire are high. If one teaches in the hinterlands, it doesn’t really matter.


Texas is a failed state, collapsing under the weight of Rick Perry’s stupidity.


From Typhoid Mary to Ebola Kaci.

Kaci Hickox, the Maine nurse who treated Ebola patients and is locked in a standoff with the governor over quarantine rules, has been temporarily ordered by a court to stay at least three feet away from other people and avoid public places.

Why not just quarantine people from Maine and New Jersey. Problem solved.

Obsessional neurosis.

Taedium vitae

Unfortunately, we’ve reached peak honey bee just at the moment when gourmet honey has become the next big thing.

In the genre of guilt trip journalism, this is a weak effort.

Every renunciation of violent desires, of whatever magnitude, contributes to the advance of civilization.

Regarding Windows 10: Microsoft still does clunky and bloated better than anyone else.

Never place bigots in charge of content.