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City’s full

It has probably already been mentioned before but isn’t there something ironic about a voluntarily celibate man (Pope Francis) decrying the “selfishness” of those who choose not to have children.

Kanye West unveiled his new line of zombie couture at New York Fashion Week.

David Carr was the last great American journalist: not posh, worldly, insightful.

The Devil is quite an attractive character, it is doubtful He will leave the stage of the human imagination anytime soon. I rather enjoyed the depiction of the Devil as a dandy in the film “Constantine” (although, technically He’s credited as Satan).

I take Constantine’s Devil/Satan as a dandy because of the white suit and the rakish display of tattoo creeping above the shirt collar. I wouldn’t quibble if one called Him a popinjay though.

Terraplane blues

For the popinjay, the cravat has never been out of fashion.

Berlin made the mistake of removing almost all of the Berlin Wall. Besides being a historical monument (to political nonsense), it was wonderful public art space. With some ingenuity, the “no man’s land” between the wall could have been turned into a public park, which would snake through the city. Passages could have been cut through the wall to allow access between the former divided halves of the city. Artists would then have still had a magnificent urban canvas. But this would have required foresight and some sense of urban design.

Genocide is not a trait of polytheism.

Capital has never respected national borders. Why should migrants.

“Lucy” is just another variation on the theme of “La Femme Nikita.”

Tranquility base

Clinic terrorists represent the most violent arm of the new right-wing political bloc in America. Behind the smiling face of the Sarah Palin’s Tea Party are survivalist militias, paramilitary Christian fanatics, and the criminals (e.g., the Bundy Ranch) who are inevitably drawn to such operations.

The phrase “wandering hobo” is so elegiac.

There’s greater tolerance of unethical & illegal behavior by athletes among NFL fans/sportswriters than in other sports. $$ + spectacle.

Men should dress for weddings as The Rake, The Popinjay, or The Dandy.

White Russians are heavy (and I don’t mean Vika Azarenka).